Mimosa Lane - Chicest Table Lamps

Chicest Table Lamps


I have gotten quite a few questions about these table lamps from my One Room Challenge. People have really loved these and have asked me if we were happy with the quality. The typical question was something like- “ I absolutely love these, are they worth the price? ” I know photography can make so many things look amazing and then when you decide to pull the trigger and finally receive the long awaited item you are totally underwhelmed. Well, I have good news. These lamps are worth every penny in my opinion. I know these are in a playroom but they are living room, bedroom, or ‘anywhere special in the house’ material. The gold leaf edges and the acrylic base really make them standout. I was really grateful to Lamps Plus for sponsoring these table lamps for my project. They are just so perfect for the space. They are the ideal partner to the shade and wallpaper designed by the Pink Pagoda and available at Milton and King.


They also come in a pretty mint green. I have addressed most questions about the room and products directly via Instagram DM or via email. But if you have any other questions, please let me know!

Happy Hump Day!